Business Solutions For the 21st Century Include Effective Use of Offshore Banking

In 1970 the sociologist, Alvin Toffler, published a very insightful book, “Future Shock.” Mr. Toffler predicted that changes occur in science and technology, popular culture, industry, business, and all other facets of human life. He stated that this is what has happened throughout human history. The problem that Mr. Toffler foresaw is that change is happening faster and faster.

Forty years after Mr. Toffler’s book individuals are still trying to learn how to deal with the every increasing rate of change in our lives. Business and investment practices will need to become more and more streamlined. Companies and individuals will need to use and transfer capital more and more effectively in coping with the ever increasing rate of change in the 21st Century. An integral part of coping with change in business will be the effective use of offshore banking, corporations, and other business solutions.

Where Governments are Going and Which Direction Business Needs to Go

As the world comes out of the worst recession since the Great Depression many nations have taken on unheard of amount of debt in order to maintain economic stability and promote employment. Governments are searching for more and more ways to finance the financial bailouts of the last years. This inevitably means going into the pocketbooks of individuals and companies. Taxes, fees, and restrictions loom on the horizon at a time when businesses are typing to cope with Mr. Toffler’s future shock, the ever increasing change and competitiveness in the world.

Businesses need new, more effective equipment. As an obvious example, imagine doing business in today’s fast paced world with a mechanical adding machine and a dial telephone that connects through a switchboard staffed by dozens of operators. Imagine the constriction of business if modern capital flow were restricted by elimination of the computer, satellite communications, and the like. Imagine the world without modern medicines and life saving technologies.

Now imagine the world to come where competition brings effective products on line ever faster, where workers need to constantly retrain, and where fast transfer of capital will help the wise business person outperform his and her competitors.

The days of just dealing with the home town bank are gone. Individuals and companies dealing with international producers and buyers and international investment opportunities ready access to capital. In the new world the ability to raise more capital in an increasingly effective manner may make the difference between success and absolute failure of a business venture.

Privacy is an Increasingly Rare Commodity

Your company is developing a new product. No one but your top researchers know what you are doing. However, your research project is expensive. The fact that you are transferring large amount of capital becomes known to your competitors. Once they start to look they find out what you are up to and you lose a year or two of lead time on product development. Putting your money where it is private may be a major issue in the 21st Century. Privacy is becoming an increasingly rare commodity. Setting up an offshore company and setting up an offshore bank account for that company is perfectly legal. It is often quite smart too. No one needs to know what you are doing with your hard earned money except you.

Setting up banking and other business operations away from prying eyes can help protect your privacy and your competitive advantage in business. Using the most effective means of transferring capital will likely be an integral part of 21st Century success.

Coping with Change and Creating Change

In his book Toffler talks about how there was a time when a carpenter used the same tools his entire life. In fact, some of his tools may have been his father’s. In today’s world the tools of the factory, the construction site, the doctor’s office, and the business office change constantly. The passive response is to train and retrain employees when necessary. The proactive approach is to create new business solutions and tools, use them and profit by teaching them to the world. This approach goes hand in hand with keeping your in house R&D private, your banking private, and your long term plans your own. Being a step ahead will be the best of all business solutions for the 21st century.

Where You Buy Things, Where You Have Things Made, and Where You Pay from

A huge amount of work is outsourced to Asia. India has built a huge computer software industry based upon doing back office work for the West. China habitually under prices the rest of the world with cheap labor and increasingly effective management. Successful business solutions for the 21st century will need to track where effective technology resides and where products can be most effectively, inexpensively, and safely made.

To take advantage of a world full of opportunity the business person and investor needs to thing globally, perhaps live globally, and certainly bank globally.

Saving Money in the Process

There are tax advantaged locations for off shore banking and there are tax expensive locations for banking. Perhaps you come from such a nation. It is perfectly legal in many jurisdictions to bank offshore, collect interest on your deposits, and not pay taxes until the end of the year. Many businesses with high cash flow can add additional profit from overnight deposits and the like. In an ever more competitive world every pfennig, centavo, and pence will count.

Mr. Toffler talked about people getting ulcers from trying to keep up as the world works at an ever fast pace. Getting a few things to work for you will help you avoid ulcers while competing effectively in this world of future shock. Beside looking a the VOIP phone system for placing phone calls throughout the world consider looking for an effective offshore banking solution in a tax advantaged and private location.

Drop Shipping Is Your Perfect Home Based Business Solution

Drop Shipping Is Your Perfect Home Based Business Solution

Drop shipping is one of the greatest businesses to operate from home. With drop shipping you sell another company’s products, use their warehouse and shipping facilities, and they provide you with the sales tools you need like product descriptions and images and more – free of charge!

Drop shipping is great for small businesses because you can start with literally nothing & gradually increase to higher levels of success. Drop shipping allows you to leverage other, much larger company’s resources!

Any business owner who needs the an inexpensive & efficient means to market items online should look into drop shipping. Drop shipping allows you to sell almost any type of product you want with no warehouse & no inventory.

No inventory = low risk! You only purchase an item from the dropshipper after you’ve already made the sale! You never get stuck with a garage full of products that won’t sell.

Drop shippers packages all of the products for you, they place your name on the return address of the package & then they ship it to your customer. You’ll look like you’re a multi-million dollar outfit to the customer!

In order to do business with a real wholesaler, some of them (not all) may require proof that you’re in business & not just some consumer looking for great prices. So, you may need to file for a Resale Tax ID for your State. It’s easy to do I filed my application online in just 10 minutes & even received a temporary certificate that I immediately printed out. I was literally in business within 10 minutes!

If you’re SERIOUS about running a business you MUST have one! No ifs, ands, or buts. And, it’s so easy to get one, there’s no excuse not to.

If a wholesaler doesn’t request a Resale Tax ID from you, they’re a very small company or they’re not real wholesalers, just middle-men.

When you find wholesale companies that drop ship many different types of products, everything from toys to electronics, and they don’t request your Resale Tax ID, be aware that probably aren’t a real wholesale company. Most legitimate wholesalers focus on a specific product type, like electronics or toys alone.

These middle-men companies just forward your order to the real wholesale company. You won’t be able to compete on a level playing field with your competition if you do business with these guys. Chances are your competitors have Resale Tax IDs.

So be aware that you’re dealing with a middle-man wholesaler who will have the real dropshipper dropship your products for you. Do yourself a favor & avoid dealing with the middlemen and get a Resale Tax ID. You’ll save yourself a lot of money by be able to compete with the big-guns.

After your account is set up with the real wholesaler, you’ll get a printed catalog and possibly a CD-Rom with product descriptions and images that you can use.

Middle-men usually don’t provide these “bonuses”. You just upload the image & description to your web site, decide on the price & wait for the orders to come rolling in!

Drop shipping will allow any person to run a successful & competitive business from home regardless of a lack of start-up funds.

The World’s Most Popular Business Solutions

When the Internet Hit the Business

When an entrepreneur thinks about new business solutions for a marketing campaign, there are many things that start coming to mind. But whatever one decides to put their efforts into, there is one area in business that relates to almost any person living on the globe – the Internet, or World Wide Web.

Today, the Internet has about 2 billions of users, which not only include regular users, who search for particular data they need, it also includes people, who want and who do profit from using the Internet. If you take a closer look, you will find tons of various online marketplaces and services. Some of the services are free, but you would have to pay certain fees in order to use most of them. And if ten years ago, it was an ongoing struggle on the international trade market in profiting from regular shops, TV transmissions, phone services, deliveries, etc., today a significant part of the things people can earn money from is concentrated in the World Wide Web. Now, you can buy anything from a pencil to a two-storied house in Colorado, for example, by just clicking your mouse several times.

Start from Creating an Appearance

If you’ve decided to move your business to the Internet, or you want to start an online business, you’ve got lots of things to take care of. If you live in Colorado, you should probably look for Internet marketing solutions in Denver, since it is the capital of the state, and it certainly has more quality services, than the other cities. This is true for any other state – for instance, you will find a lot more affordable and quality Internet business solutions in Los Angeles, than the other cities, if you live in California.

Now, the very first thing you should take care of, when starting an Internet based business, is to create a face of your business. Website designing is a very essential thing in online based business. When you have an ugly looking website, you won’t get many customers, even though you might have awesome services or the best deals on the Internet. The way your website looks is the first thing a customer ever notices about your business, and you know that the first impression lasts for a long time, if not forever. Thus, if you want to attract customers, each of whom is critical for your business, you would have to find the best services of website designing in Denver (if you live in the State of Colorado) according to your budget.

When the Face Is Done

When you have the nicely looking website, you must think about web development. This is another step for your business, which you don’t want to avoid. Once again, if you’re in Colorado, search for services of web development in Denver, since people from the capital of the state would probably be more qualified and proficient than people from the other state’s regions. Web development will help to pull out your website in front of other online based businesses. Of course, it also depends on the quality of the services you provide. But in the terms of your web presence, these several steps are essential in the world’s new business solutions today.